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The source for unreported domain sales history. We provide accurate & up-to-date info on domains that have sold but have not been reported by the buyer or. Keep in mind that these are just the publicly reported sales. There are many millions of dollars worth of unreported domain name sales each year. This list is. List of most expensive domain names ;, $ million, ;, $ million, Three New Domains Complete Our All Extension Top Domain Sales Chart. The domain sales is now history! Three new domains, representing three. Each time a domain is registered, an entry is made in the WHOIS directory with ownership and contact information. While most recent WHOIS information is hidden.

Your domain history will give search engines an overall impression on how your website has performed overtime. This performance not only includes a record of. Follow this Address and explore Price Estimations, Demand & Real Estate insights on Domain Price estimate for any property, full history for any building. Search the world's most comprehensive database of sold domain names and identify comparable domains. Our database includes all public domain name sales that. AI domains is about $6,, that domains is about $3, The median value does not take into account any outliers up or down, so record sales don't. Top Domain Sales In UK History · for the win! · – £, · – £, · – £, · – £. The Top 10 Most Expensive Domains Ever Reported · – $ million · – $ million · – $ million · –. To find the history of a domain name, you can use a "whois" lookup service. These services allow you to enter a domain name and view information. Search Domain Name Sales 5 million sales totaling $ billion. · Top Domain Name Sales of All Time · Jump to Year. A domains WHOIS history (also referred to as domain ownership history) contains a list of the domain names previous owners, addresses and contact information.

The sale price of $, for “” reflects the investment potential and value associated with premium domains. The Future of AI. Searchable databases of historical domain names sales and purchase prices from past domain name sales. Below you will find a sample of recently sold domain names priced at , USD and up in the global domain name marketplace. When you hear the term domain history, think of it as the comprehensive biography of a website's domain name. It includes every event from the domain's creation. Leverage our massive historical records database containing more than 2 million past domain sales and get accurate stats and insights to help you make informed. Domain Sales History. Aggregating UK domain sales history into a single searchable database since , with sales data from to Highest Domain Sales of All Time ; 68,, $1,, ; 69,, $1,, ; 70,, $1,, ; 71,, $1,, A searchable database of historic UK domain sales, from to the present day. remains the highest domain name sale on record. In , RH Donnelley, a print and web-based directories publisher, bought for a.

Top Domain Sales In UK History · for the win! · – £, · – £, · – £, · – £. Nine new domains earned places on our Year to Date Top Domain Sales Chart this week with two of those reaching six figures and one crashing the top ten on. The History of Selling Domains Although the Internet started gaining popularity in , the first domain name,, was registered in Since. Instant Domains uses powerful AI to comb through millions of records and show you all the domain names for sale. Clear, compelling domain names are valuable. A quick look at NameBio reveals that there have been 2, “.ai” domain sales year-to-date in , totaling an impressive $ million. This is.

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